LMIA & Work Permit

LMIA & Work Permits

Labour Market Impact Assessments LMIA’s, is the prerequisite for Work Permits for Temporary Foreign Workers. Similarly, candidates abroad interested in immigrating, and International students whose Post Grad work permits are due to expire, need to know how to have their employer ‘sponsor’ them via the Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA process.

Hiring foreign workers in Canada can be difficult, GWIS can assist and help you navigate through this complex and exacting process, from the initial screening to see if the position and candidate is eligible for an LMIA, to drafting the ad and job description, salary positioning, to the full application for an LMIA.Upon successful issuance, we can then assist the foreign worker on how best get his Work Permit in the fastest way possible. This is a volatile program, and not for the meek or unprepared. You will require expert guidance in an LMIA application.